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1 rating

Not sure of the name of the stylist I encountered this morning because there was no name tag and she didn't introduce her self (other than to say "You can sit in the 3rd chair on the left"), but she has no business being in any type of customer service position. I've been a patron of this Sport Clips since they opened (literally, I went there the first day they opened way back when), and I've never had what I would call a negative experience (other than some occasional long wait times) until today. Checked in on line, walked in about 8 minutes after they opened, and sat down in the lobby. The stylist walked up front and asked me my name (which was at the top of their digital check in board, I told her, and she directed me to the 3rd chair on the left. I sat down in the chair and asked for the usual haircut I've been getting forever (which I described to her exactly as I always have - 4.5 all over, taper the back, block the bottom and round off the corners) and the stylist says "Tapered to what?" I asked what she meant, and she said "Tapered to what?" again. I told her she'd have to explain herself because in all the years I've been coming there not a single stylist has ever asked me that question, to which she replied "I've been cutting hair for 14 years, and you have to tell me what you want it tapered down to. I have to know if you want it to a 3, a 2 a 1 or to skin," and I again told her that nobody at that store had ever asked me that before, and then she started going on again about how long she had been cutting hair (guess what young lady...I've been getting my hair cut for 56 years, so I have a lot more experience at this than you do), at which point I got tired of her attitude and said "I didn't come here to argue about how I want my hair cut" and got up out of the seat and removed my apron. With that, she walked to the front door and held it open as I walked out. I know there may very well be some validity to the question she was asking, but she is the outlier in this case because she's the only stylist that's ever asked that, so clearly that is not how Sport Clips has trained all of their other stylists all of these years, and the onus is on her to figure out how to present her unique way of doing things in a customer-friendly manner that doesn't drive customers out the front door. She completely failed in that regard. Good Luck Sport Clips Village Walk. I know like a lot of other businesses in this COVID environment you've probably reached the dregs of the last remaining employees who couldn't find jobs anywhere else, but with employees like this you're not going to make it out the other side of this. That's a shame, because you used to have a good business...

1 rating

Not happy at all! Store just opened & only 1 stylist! My wait time was 40 minutes when they just opened! Then I get there on time for my appointment & the stylist takes the person waiting in the store & heard his name that was the person after me! So then my wait time extended to an additional 14 minutes! Again, the store just opened! So very unhappy with this store! Very bad customer service!

1 rating

Very disappointed with the attitude that they have. The promote checking in online and still make you wait when you show up. When you bring up your concerns, I got treated like trash and told there is 10 other locations I could go to instead. Maybe people should go to others because the lady that spoke to me like that clearly does not care about addressing people's concerns. Which sucks because I would keep going here because Nadine does a good job every time

Rated 3.6 out of 5.0 based on 14 Client reviews

Steven N. | September 3, 2021 Stylist

"Not sure of the name of the stylist I encountered this morning because there was no name tag and she"

Efrain C. | April 13, 2021 Service

"Not happy at all! Store just opened & only 1 stylist! My wait time was 40 minutes when they just ope"

Levi A. | August 16, 2020 Service

"Very disappointed with the attitude that they have. The promote checking in online and still make yo"

Chris B. | June 9, 2020 Haircut

"This place is great. Great service, quality hair cut. I'm confident that I'll be satisfied with this"

Andrew H. | January 31, 2020 Overall Experience

"Checked in online, showed up when I was supposed to, sat in the lobby 45 mins"

Charlie S. | January 15, 2020 Stylist


Bryan T. | September 18, 2019 Stylist

"Alicia Tubbs- I am usually skeptical of trying a new hair stylists, however I am in the Navy and rec"

Jacob M. | August 24, 2019 Stylist

"Alicia Tubbs is a great stylist. She is without a doubt the best stylist there but also the most exp"

Yuan Z. | March 26, 2019 Stylist

"Annelissa actually cut my hair at the La Jolla location. She did a great job, is fun to talk to, and"

Charlie S. | March 24, 2018 Stylist

"Alicia Tubbs has cut me & my boys hair for over 15 years , never 1 bad cut . Always a great hair cut"