Third Party Reviews

Tyra-lee Large | October 06, 2018 |

"My son had an amazing expierence. The massage and hot towel is all he tells everyone back home."

P D. | August 31, 2008 |

"I ususally go to Los Angeles to get my haircut, which is about 138 miles from Chula Vista. I go there because my hair stylist cuts my hair in a way that a lot of chicks come to me. I also go there to visit my best friend. But since gas is about $4.88/gal right now, I decided to get my haircut locally. I found Sport Clips in the Sunday sports page and clipped out a $5.00 coupon for the MVP treatment-- haircut, shampoo, hot towel, and back massage. The MVP treatment is $22.00. I was greeted as soon as I walked into the door. The decor was theme after SD Padres & SD Chargers. The monitors were showing the Padres in the 9th inning. Trevor Time gave 1 run to the Rockies. That is so Padres! The Padres came back in the bottom of the 9th and won the game. Anyway, my hair stylist was Blanca. She tried to be a good conversationalist. She cut my hair the way I wanted it to be cut. I gave her $5.00 for her back massage and expertise. The massage was just a vibrating hand massager for a couple of minutes while I was watching the end of the baseball game. She knew it was my first time there so she told me her deals and products. The deals were paying for 6 MVP treatments as $17.00 each which totals up to $102.00. That's a good deal. I only get haircuts like once every 4 months. The products were Paul Mitchell stuff. Sport Clips is a good place just to get a haircut, but if I need to get my hai colored, I would go to my regular dude in Los Angeles. Right now I give Sport Clips 4 stars. If a lot of chicks come to me within this week, I'll give 5 stars."

Michael M. | January 31, 2009 |

"I have had good experiences and bad experiences here. Overall, I wasn't that impressed. The cut is about $17, but they usually give you coupons to get the $23 cut for the same price. the problem is it's still not always a great cut, and $17 isn't cheap enough to gamble with my hair in this place. I do come back occasionally though... The good: They give you enough coupons to never get anything but an MVP cut. The MVP cut has a nice warm towel. Some of the stylists are talented. The bad: Often there's a bit of a line. They don't really let you pick a stylist when you walk-in. Some stylists are not talented."

Julio P. | October 26, 2009 |

"So I've been going to the same place to get my haircut for years. I was badly in need of a haircut about a month ago and didn't have enough time to go to my usual place and remembered a flyer I got about Sport Clips. It boasted "ESPN on every TV, at every chair"......with a pearl like that and a 4 minute drive from the office, I took a chance on someone else handling my precious coif. I was greeted by a P.Y.T. at about 2pm on a weekday. A good start. They must know their demographic. I noticed the kitschy non-ironic locker room decor. There were all kinds of sports memorabilia and pictures of famous athletes on the wall. I noticed more than a few of the Chula Vista Little League, now World Series Champions were on their wall. Cool, cool, I thought. I was quickly seated and was handed off to the next person on the rotation. She was very nice and very pregnant. That was cool tho since I didn't have to deal with the usual tension men often feel the first time some strange woman is handling your coif. I relaxed and got into a vicious 10 minutes of soccer. It was a penalty shoot-out between Ghana and Brazil for the Africa's Cup. It was insanely good. Ghana actually won. I love Brazil but come on, they can't win all the time. The lady did an incredible job with very little direction. An added bonus was the shampoo and brain massage in the Captain Kirk style chair in the back room. It was Outstanding. I got out of there for about a buck more than I usually pay. The tingly relaxed feeling on my scalp is worth a buck."

Vicki A. | February 06, 2010 |

"My fiance went to sports clips - boo The good - there was no line The bad - The price - The fact they needed directions on how to cut his hair (he saw other patrons offering directions to other stylists too) The ugly - the price and lack of simple hair cut knowledge Not everyone wants a fade"

Theo B. | February 27, 2010 |

"So I've heard their ads on the radio, so I made it a point to check this place out. Walk in and its crowded. Thats usually a good sign that they are on to something right if people are willing to wait. Tried to wait it out but my lack of patience for the day decided not so. Okay so I've been looking for a decent cut. Finally stopped by here on a week day and caught a short 5 minute wait. Cool, they have ESPN on TV but there talking about the Super Bowl so I'm really not feeling it. The loss is still too fresh in my memory. The lady that hooked me up was nice enough, but I guess there's a fine line between fresh fade and funny looking fo' hawk? I can't say its worth the cash for their cut. Considering the price you shell out with tip one would hope to get it right."

Larry R. | March 07, 2010 |

"Sports Clips wants to do one thing: Sell you a franchise! The first thing I noticed when I walked up was the big "Franchising Opportunities Available" sign in my face. Perfect example of why franchises are so lame and cliche. It was so structured and scripted it killed the actual haircut experience, they were trying so hard to remind of the all the details I was getting. It was actually kind of sad, went because I had a free coupon, but never again."

Paul S. | October 06, 2010 |

"Okay, needed to get a haircut in a pinch. My usual barber at the time was under the weather- my pops. So I scrambled around to find a place where I could get a decent haircut. That was almost a year ago. I have been coming here ever since with the same person cutting my hair. I won't tell you her name because I don't want anyone stealing her from me. She already has a large clientele and I don't want it to get any bigger. Anyways I love the haircuts I get there. They are always the way I want it. The girl who cuts my hair knows what she is doing. The hot towel on the face and scalp massage are the bomb. I don't know what shampoo they use but I love the tingly menthol sensation. It's a very refreshing and smells fantastic. They always have coupons and specials going on. So you don't have to pay full price on any haircut. They also have that deal where you get 10 haircuts and get a haircut free. The price for the haircuts are a little more but that's the price for a very good haircut experience. This place is cool."

Jeffrey V. | April 12, 2011 |

"At first I thought "Wow! that's too much for a haircut." And it really is if your just getting a haircut. Granted at the time I was in my "shave it all off phase" and the price was still like 15-17 dol for a buzz cut (at the Ontario,ca store). Of course I had to walk away. But now I have grown out the locks and tend to it on a monthly basis. And whenever I'm in SD I come here to get a trim. Well, they have three choices; The Varsity which is just a cut, The triple play which is cut, wash, and steam towel, and there's the MVP, same as the triple but a neck massage included. I always opt for the triple play because for the extra few bucks you get all the hair clippings washed off, not to mention that they use a tea tree oil shampoo (PM product) that is great. And if you have short hair the small bottle will last you months, as long as you tell your wife that it's formulated specifically for men :) she asked me if it was and I wasn't clear if it was or not, just "well I bought it at sports clips so, maybe?" I have had great luck with two detailers (it's a man store, you can't call them stylist), Jennifer and Lety. I let Jennifer know basically what I wanted and she did not disappoint, short but not too short all around and just a trim on top. It came out strait and perfect. I recently had the pleasure of having Lety cut my hair, at first I was nervous but she was really thorough with her consultation and gave me what I wanted, which deep down inside I know is just a faux hawk cut but I will never ask for it because I don't shape it that way. Now as with all Sports Clips it's themed, well sports of course. They have ESPN on the screens or whatever sporting event is currently on. I watch mainly baseball but sometimes football and basketball but really I am not into watching sports like I was when I was younger. So the ESPN and sports are not that a big deal for me. Some of the "Detailers" know their sports so having a sports based conversation is possible. But for me a great cut is what I want and If your get rid of all the eye candy sports theme you basically have a hair salon for men and not a barber shop. I say a hair salon because a barber is where you go to get a shave with a strait blade, a really good fade cut, and pay only two bits. And I'm OK with a salon as long as i walk away with a strait cut that makes me feel happy. Oh and free neck trim in between visits is awesome."

Ernesto M. | October 13, 2011 |

"I hate going to someone new for a haircut. I stick to my hair cutter person for years. This time I had to find someone and I was nervous. I explained my situation to the girl (hot btw) and she totally understood. She realized that I was a scissor only cut which I know is a drag to do. (i have been told) She went slow as to not take to much off and was not at all pushy with up selling me. I opted for the triple play cuz I wasn't to comfortable with her giving me a massage, I mean seriously its a haircut place. The hot towel is a really nice touch, and the shampoo they use really does tingle. I paid $21 (plus tip) and walked out really happy and with a handful of coupons. I really plan on going back and getting the same girl."